# 1 Top Ten Reason To Get Listed on The International Pirate Directory is….

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The International Pirate Directory (https://piratedirectory.com) is a brand new online directory of all things PIRATE!  

We have many cool features that other online lists or directories don’t seem to offer including:

  • GeoLocation on all listings – Viewers will know where you are in relation to where they are (Very useful).
  • Complete listing and linking to your website and all social profiles.
  • Multiple image upload capability to show what you do, who you are, what you sell.
  • A Unique and comprehensive listing owners profile which also will link to your social media and website which is published and connected with each and every listing you own on the Pirate Directory, be that one or a hundred.
  • The enhancement ability to import any of your Facebook Public Page or Group feeds into your Pirate Directory listing.

All of this sounds great, you may be saying but really what will it do for me?  

If you are in the business of being a pirate, or if you simply want to be well known as a pirate in the Roster O’ Pirates then being found in Google and Bing and the other search engines might be important to you.  We humbly submit to you that the idea of having a listing on a website that focuses on your specialty (Being a pirate or selling pirated goods etc) is much more advantageous to you in “search” than simply having a Wix page or a Facebook profile.  

While being on Facebook is all well and good, and there is a huge amount of internal Facebook traffic going on, searchers outside of Facebook may never find your page or group listings.  So, of course it is great to have these things (a Facebook Page, or a Small stand alone website), when it comes to ranking in search, you really want to be associated with lots of information that relates directly to what it is you do.  

This brings me to The International Pirate Directory # 1Top Ten Reason To Get Listed Here is….

BEING FOUND IN GOOGLE and IN SEARCH…… (No need to worry about the other 9 reasons right now…. 


At the time of the writing of this article, The Pirate Directory has only been a “LIVE” website for about FIVE days….  At this time we have 23 listings published (Not a lot) and an additional 25 site pages that are for housekeeping, terms , etc…  So, by all means, this “New venture” on the web, should not be ranking for anything just yet….  But….. 


The following image is a screen grab taken this morning (October 17th 2015) of a Google search for a portion of the title used in the Pirate Directory Listing for: Salvina’s Treasures: Pirate Jewelry And Accessories”.  

Not only has the Pirate Directory listing been indexed (in like less than 3 days) but it ranks NUMBER ONE in Google for the search term!  Ranking above Etsy and all the others!  Ok, so you say, Salvina’s Treasures: Pirate Jewelry And Accessories” is specific to the Pirate Directory Listing, so it should show as Number One… OK, but if we simply search “Salvinas Treasures” the Google returns with Pirate Directory’s listing ranked #3 behind only Etsy (Where the shop has about 50 pages) and Tumblr (Also a Huge website). 

Click To See Search Page

Click To See Search Page

Next Example:

World Wide Pirate Community – Facebook Group – 11,589 Members

This is a very popular public group on Facebook currently proudly boasting almost 12,000 members.  When we searched for this public group in Google last week, it did not appear anywhere in the first 10 pages of results in Google for the term “World Wide Pirate Community”.

Many online marketers are aware that there is sometimes a less than reliable link between big sites like Facebook and eBay and Etsy etc and Google or Bing and this is just one example.  With nearly 12,000 members, posting hundreds of times per day, one would think that Google would find that group and rank it, right?  

Well, they have now!  The Fledgling Pirate Directory created a Listing for the World Wide Pirate Community on October 17th, 2015 and today, the World Wide Pirate Community can be found in Google, ranked # 3 for it’s own title. (We assume that will go up to #1 in time). 


Roster O’ PiratesPirate_Directory_Pyrut00007

The Roster O’ Pirates categories were created on the International Pirate Directory to allow the true Pirate Brethren a way to show off their dedication to piracy with a “Calling Card” of sorts on the web.  With a listing in the Roster O’ Pirates, ye can show off your best Pirate Garb, weaponry, and Finery in ye image uploads in addition to telling the world a bit more about yeself.  With the Geolocation features of the International Pirate Directory and as the Roster O’ Pirates grows, ye will be able to find and contact other like minded pirate brethren in your area, or in regions of the World to which you plan on voyaging.  

One additional tool the Pirate Directory offers pirates of the Realm is the database of Pirate gatherings, Pirate Fests and Ren Faires. Each member of the Roster O’ Pirates (and all other categories) can indicate in their listing details what events they plan on attending, with this database and a growing number of members of the Pirate Directory, eventually we all will be able to know what vendors and what pirates will be at any particular event… Something Facebook is not real good at doing.  

The following is a search result example for a listing in the Roster O’ Pirates. As you can see, this listing is being indexed on many pages of the Pirate Directory because it garners mentioning on the entire first page of Google for the search Term “The Captain and Pyrut Queen Rita


To review….  There are many reasons why this Pirate Directory is good for the Pirate Community, but it is only good if everyone uses it to the fullest!  To have the ability to rank your store name above that of your own established Etsy Store (Like Salvina’s Treasures), and to have control over what you publish on your Pirate Directory listing is pretty special.  

There really is no secret to this, other than knowing that the search engines love for content to be centralized in one place where the people who are searching for it can find relevant and good information. For the Pirate community, that place on the Internet should be the International Pirate Directory because it provides the features that you, and Google really like.  

So go ahead and try it for an entire year for FREE!  Go to: https://piratedirectory.com/add-listing/ – Fill out a listing, register for an account and when you get to the checkout use the following coupon code to make your cost $0.00 (No credit Card even asked for – Unless you purchase enhancements) – Lets see if we can get you found in search, and why not be seen on a real Pirate Roster?  It really is pretty COOL! (BTW –  “Roster O’ Pirates” listings will be Free Forever!)

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See you soon on The International Pirate Directory Mates! – Huzzah!