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October 17, 2015 6:21 AM

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Ahoy! I’m Marica, owner and designer at Salvina’s Treasures.

I’ve been making and selling jewelry for some 6 years now. My creations have traveled the world and are being enjoyed in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Australia, France, Malta, Norway and Finland.

At Salvina’s Treasures, you’ll find my original and handcrafted pirate themed jewelry (as well as other ocean themed pieces) and accessories.

Take your pirate garb to the next level and get yourself one of my beautiful pirate necklaces for guys (and women), skull and crossbones cuff bracelets, earrings or treat yourself to one of my pirate themed accessories. Stunning skull and crossbones necklaces for men (as well as women), one of a kind kraken necklaces and much more.

All orders are uniquely gift wrapped.

I create each piece in my home studio on the Mediterranean island of Malta. So you can say that I’m a Pirate of The Mediterranean ;-) My studio is my happy place. It’s my little sanctuary. It’s where I am most happy.

Living on such a beautiful island means that I am surrounded by crystal clear blue and turquoise waters. Malta is an island with over 7000 years of history and this is why I have always been intrigued by prehistoric, ancient and medieval times as well as sunken treasure.

Due to my country's rich history, I have been exposed to aged and weathered objects and structures all my life and this is where my greatest inspiration comes from, together with the sea of course.

If you have any questions about my creations, message me here on the Pirate Directory or via my website.

I hope that my pirate and ocean-themed jewelry and accessories bring warmth to your heart and joy to your soul.

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