Krewe Roster ~ Roster O’ Pirates ~ Created Fer Ye Band of Scallywags

October 21, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Pirate Directory Tips,Pirate Nation Dispatches


NEW FEATURE On The PIRATE DIRECTORY!11026154_10207108879148921_144266167063708231_o

We already have the “Roster O’ Pirates” section where you can list yeself as a pirate and create an online page with all of your details, contact info while displaying ye most esteemed images of yeself in garb N’ Such….  

We thought that this would be a fine feature for each krewe out there in the Pirate Realm to have a separate section of the Pirate Directory just for them!

Sometimes you just want to see who all is in your krewe, maybe grab their number, or see what they are up to but cannot find their facebook page…  Well, this can fix ye problem – if ye krewe participates! 10264299_655218287900337_5750682663885001205_n

So now if your krewe would like to list themselves in the Roster O’ Pirates and be associated with ye krewe or brigade or company, just let the Ole’ Captain know by sending a dispatch via the contact form and we will have ye a category made straight away!  


Current Roster O’ Pirates Listing Examples