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Greetings and Welcome to the The International Pirate Directory!

My name is Scott and I am the Admin or “Internet Captain” of this Directory of Pirates, Wenches and Pirate Vendors. I thought I would take a few moments to give anyone considering, or who have already made a listing on the Pirate Directory some information and guidelines to help get the most out of the resource that has been created for you.

Let’s start with some questions you may be thinking of asking:

Why a Pirate Directory? ~ The International Pirate Directory has been created to offer the “Pirate” community and the general public a comprehensive and easy to search directory of Pirate related resources. A directory of “Pirate” listings of all types, Geo-Located throughout the World and published on one site is something that will help anyone interested in Pirateing, Pirate Venues, Pirate Gatherings, Pirate-Festivals, Pirate Vendors or finding a real professional Pirate or Wench for an Event or Party much easier and more convenient.


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I am on Facebook ~ Why also should I be listed on Pirate Directory? ~ Facebook is a fabulous resource if you use it correctly and building a social following there is a great idea for any “Pirate”, but Facebook is also a HUGE website where it is very easy to have your Pirate specific message lost in the noise. Creating or claiming a Free Forever Pirate-Talent listing on the International Pirate Directory, or even paying for a vendor category listing on a site that is dedicated to your specific niche and Pirate specific keyword information for the search engines, will prove to be just as valuable, if not more so for the general public search, than any page or group listing on Facebook. The International Pirate Directory incorporates Facebook into our marketing strategy as well, and if your Facebook page is public, we can even import your daily postings from Facebook, directly to your Pirate Directory listing. This will make the combined resource very powerful for any Pirate or Vendor wanting to reach the general public.

Why do I need to “Claim” my listing if it is already published? ~

Claiming your Pirate-Listing is very important! If we have created a listing for you, that is great! For you to have the control over your listing that you should have, you need to claim it. This will tie your PirateListing to your registration and member account on the International Pirate Directory, with that simple change any emails sent to the author of your listing will go to you, instead of us. This could be crucial for your business! In addition, when you claim your listing, you can then edit, add images, insert a YouTube video and much more. The Pirate Directory wants every listing in our site to be as accurate as is possible, and the best way to have that be the case, is for you to edit and approve your own page. HUZZAH!

What should I “say” on my Pirate Directory Listing? ~

Everyone has a different focus depending on if you are Pirate-Talent or a Pirate-Vendor or venue. We suggest that you try to be sure to include your location in the title, along with your primary focus keyword. i.e. if you are a Pirate, please add that word in the title, if you are representing a Pirate friendly Hotel, bar or resort, be sure to say that in the title. In addition, crafting a description which includes your main offerings to the public, your location and your main keywords is key. A minimum of 250 words should be used to create your Pirate-Listing. Do not try to do what is called “keyword spamming” by cramming your keywords in at every sentence several times, the content of your listing should be very readable and clear to any “layman” as to what it is that you do, where you do it, and then how friendly and approachable you are. Give the reader a good impression, and they will contact you! Give Google, Bing and the other search engines a good impressions, and your readers will see you!

ibusinesslogic_1075What about my Profile? ~

Your Author Profile (found in your Members Area– > My Account Details upon logging in with your registration information) is also important. A head shot should be uploaded (please use only simple file names for this upload like “myprofilepic.jpg” with no special characters symbols etc.). The Head shot will inspire your audience to contact the “Author” of your Pirate-Listing. A short but unique bio is also a confidence builder for your audience. Do not simply repeat what you said in your listing, try to share more about yourself and show that you are easy to approach and do business with. Adding additional contact info in the My Account Details area will show up on your read more profile and can also help to raise confidence and increase your contact rate.

How Do I Edit My Listing? ~

Log in to Pirate Directory and proceed to your member area, then click “My Website Listing”. Follow that to your listing(s), click the listing you wish to edit and then you will see your listing and a button that says “Edit This Listing”, click that button. When you find your way to the editing screen you will find a WYSIWYG editor which offers many of the same features as your regular word processor or email program. Please try to use the editor in the Pirate Directory to create your listing and do not cut and paste from Word or other outside Word processors as they can add code that will affect the look of your listing (sometimes in a very bad way). You can add up to ten pictures to your listing.

Images ~

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to have your images “reduced for the web”. The website can upload large file sizes, but having large file size images in your listing will only slow down the viewers experience and they, in turn, may simply move on to another Pirate-listing rather than wait to see your photos open. In general, files sizes of less than 500kb are OK, but under 150kb are even better. NOTE: this does not mean your images should have tiny dimensions. Ideal for presentation in our listing page photo albums, would be a size of 600px on one side. Super small dimension images will not help you. if you need help with reducing your image file sizes please send the admin an email in the contact form, We can resize your files in moments and it will be a much better experience for all. (We cannot make really small images, larger however).

Why Should I list Pirate or Pirate Events in the Pirate-Calendar?

~ If you are planning on attending, or you are part of the promotion of any event that welcomes Pirates or Pirates, listing it here will be a great free and easy way to bring a larger audience to your event. the International Pirate Directory Calendar of Events is intended to be a substantial listing of each and every “Pirate” friendly event in the World but we need everyone’s help in getting Pirate gatherings, Pirate Festivals, Pirate meetups, Pirate Festivals, PirateCons, and any other type of event that either promotes or accepts Pirates into the realm. Please add your event, even if you just plan to enjoy, you will be helping others find their way to the fun!

What is the Ship’s Log and why should I contribute? ~

The Ship’s Log is intended to be a user supported and contributed publication. Anyone may submit articles to the Ship’s Log. Why would you want to submit an article? In many cases simply to be published will be reward enough, but if you are a wise “Pirate” and wish to promote yourself, or your business, adding a well written article full of great information about the Pirate lifestyle, Pirate Garb, Pirate costumes, your experience at Pirate gatherings etc. which will of course be linked to your Pirate Directory profile and your Pirate Directory listing(s), well if you have any Internet Savvy at all, you will realize that these connections are gold for you when it comes to terms like SEO and inbound links to your website(s) and social profiles. Submitting on the Pirate Directory Ship’s Log as a “Guest Author” can increase your traffic substantially, especially when you share your published articles with your social media outlets and ask your readers to do the same. Publishing on a closed “Forum” where people must log in to read what you wrote, or publishing on a Facebook Group, or even your own Facebook profile will not be indexed and seen by the search engines anywhere near as well as your work will be seen here. As the Pirate Directory grows, with Listings, Events, and other Pirate Telegraph articles published, the power of being a Guest Author here will grow exponentially. Give it a try, writing is a great expression of your passion for an interest such as Pirateing. I think I have given everyone enough to digest for today, please remember that the Pirate Directory is intended to be good for everyone who has an interest, no matter how large or small, in Pirates, Pirateing, Piratemen and any venue, vendor or artist in the World that supports the Pirate lifestyle, sport and just plain fun! We have plans to add more features to this site in the future but for now please just tell all of your friends to look you up on the Pirate Directory and to get themselves listed here. When the entire community builds this resource with many voices will come one large statement and all will prosper through the combination of each and every one of your listings, comments, ratings, events and Pirate telegraph articles.

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    Very helpful info. Thanks!

    So happy that I found the Pirate Directory!

    ~ Marica