Crew of the Scavenger

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The Crew of the Scavenger is an authentic, living history pirate group based in Florida. Our main goal is to realistically portray a pirate crew from the "Golden Age of Piracy", between about 1700 and 1720, as they might have appeared while ashore in a town like Nassau or Port Royal. All of our clothing is as close to period correct as possible, from the designs, to the materials. The same goes for our weapons, be it swords, pistols, or boarding axes. If it wasn't around by 1720, our goal is that it won't be seen on us.

We attend pirate festivals around the state, in an attempt to educate people about the early 18th century world of the Anglo American pirate, and just try to have a good time doing it.

Apart from those festivals, we also throw our own, in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, called "Pirate Bash" in which we try to create as authentic an atmosphere as possible, for pirates and honest folk alike.

Our Living History Pirate Encampments will begin being held once yearly in January of 2017, on an island South of Marco Island, on Florida's South West coast.

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