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Strangebeard is the rollicking story of Jenny Brigham, a servant girl who is accidentally cursed by the ghost of the long-dead Pirate Emperor Augustus Strangebeard! She gains all the old pirate’

JJ Nikitin is the author of Flushed, a middle grade pirate adventure. She’s based in Phoenix, Arizona and attends book festivals and community events as a pirate to sell and sign books.

 Andrea Jones is author of the award-winning series, the Hook & Jill Saga (Reginetta Press). Hook & Jill is a serious parody of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan story, illuminating the pirate point

Upon discovery of a rare, antique box, Sarafina uncovers an ancient spyglass that transports her back to the 18th-century where she meets scallywags wearing cutlasses who sail aboard tall ships tha

Pirate Mike quit the sea to raise a family in the suburbs! And he’s lousy at it. Marriage, Parenting, Career: Mike fails at it all! Check out Mike’s comic strip on our website for more!

The story of “L’Ombre de Tortuga,” written by me, is set in 1670. The maritime world is plunged into a terrible war as different factions race to recover a magical and extraordinary gem known as

News, Pictures, & Video of Pirates like ye! An’ it be FREE! All about pirates! Aharrr!   Long Description Yarrrr! Me name be Captain Squid! And me thinks it be high time the wa

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The Pirate Captain). The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend series is a unique literary genre, “historical pirate fiction” a blend of historical fiction/romance/nautical/paranormal. The Cap&#

Mark G. Hanna’s book “Pirate Nests and the Rise of the British Empire, 1570-1740,” won the Frederick Jackson Turner Prize for first book in American history from the Organization of

LEARN MORE AT JENAIMAREK.COM! “Read up, me hearties! Yo Ho! A wonderful tale of sailing, pirates, and adventure!”~Railean Distillers & Pirate Guild (Book1) Since the very day he was born, Gup

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