Gothenburg, Sweden
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Aye! Me be also known under the name Jolly John Jester. I tend to wanna make me hearties have a blasting grog fest wherever our compas may lead us. Why does pirates have such a hard time learning the alphabeth? ’cause thee get stuck at C! Harr harr!

Aye, singing and chanting cursed hymns from the depths of Davy Jones locker Is also one of me skills. Hanging Johnny ‘n’ Hoist the colours be two of the more fancy of me great bag of tricks.

I’m also fond of mutiny, just for fun. First mate usally stay as first mate and it’s good with some changes now and then.

Me be planning on bringing pirates to the magical powder cursed grog fest of Borderland, were we will roam and pillage and plunder consentfully!

Tarr be all from me.

My our rum be spice and our compass true!

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Cast a bottle to [email protected]

Fluent Languages
Country Sweden
State/Province Västra Götalands län
distance: 4,782 Miles
Address Gothenburg, Sweden
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