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International Talk Like a Pirate Day is celebrated the world over in almost every country on the Planet.  While not a National Holiday this event is widely celebrated throughout the cities and towns of America and Europe.  The Facebook group boast over 13,000 members and this phenomenon just keeps growing every year – on September 19th 

“John, I was editing this week’s Dave Barry column and it’s about … Is this you?”

It was. The nationally syndicated columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning writer of “distinguished commentary” (the Pulitzer committee’s description, not his own) became convinced of the great potential of such a holiday. Or maybe he had run out of fresh column ideas and didn’t want to do another one on toilet training his infant daughter. Either way, he had written the column.

And hell broke loose. Go to Talk Like a for more information

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Friday August 14th, 2020 - 12:00 pm

We've created a new T-shirt for this very strange year, commemorating it pirate style.
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Weve created a new T-shirt for this very strange year, commemorating it pirate style.

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Jezebel, the former Webwench, here, and as much as I love this T-shirt, I can't afford to buy anything else online now that I'm on a limited retirement income and have bills to pay.

I love Howard Pyle's artwork. The Wyeth family also has some great piratical artwork.

I’ll not take this lying down! Humorous as it may be to the common folk! Piracy is Freedom! We will deal with this as we dealt with Scurvy! We will deal with this as we dealt with the Royal Navy! We will deal with this as we dealt with the Illegitimate trade companies! We. Will. Prevail!!! Who’s with me, mates!!

A tanker ship carrying red paint collided with a tanker ship carrying purple paint. What happened to the sailors? They were marooned.

We've already got our Pirate day decor up!

What a year to have given up drinking. Mmm rum. Yo ho it's a pirates life for me

I love the artwork but I dislike the wording at the bottom.

'Tis the only way ta be, in such tryin' times. Fair thee well all, lest we beseech Poseidon fer fairer weather...

ARRRR, Prepare to be boarded!

Why isn't the shirt reddish purple?

Where did the rum go?

What a maroon!

Smarmy Nigel Grimm, here. What does a dyslexic pirate say? RRRRRRA!

Ordering after this post

Spike Tait

Richard Robertson

Will Swan

"WHY is the hydroxychloroquine gone?"

Mark Lewis

Ian Jobbins

Please contact Dunkin’ and see if they will support ITLAPD since Krispy Kreme doesn’t/won’t!!!!

Daniel Repp fond memories Arrgh ;0)

We need this day now, more than ever!

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Friday April 10th, 2020 - 7:39 pm

OPEN TODAY - Sunday, April 5

These businesses and restaurants are ready to serve you in Downtown Albany:

Food & Brews (Ciders & Wine) - 9 are open today:
~ Casetta di Pasta (curbside & delivery services - Sun 4-8:30 pm)
~ Deluxe Brewing/Sinister Distillery (growlers, cans, etc. to-go & delivery - 3-6 pm)
~ Gamberettis Albany (curbside, meal kits, growlers & wine - 3-7:30 pm)
~ Little Wuesten German Foods (curbside/take-out - 9 am-1 pm)
~ N'Reener's New York Style Sandwiches (free delivery - 11 am-6 pm)
~ No Rails Ale House (growlers, 6-packs, etc. - 3-7 pm)
~ Novak's Hungarian Restaurant (11 am-4 pm)
~ Springhill Cellars Winery (order by phone, pick up at the winery)
~ Taqueria Alonzo (curbside & Munchy's Delivery - 11 am-8 pm)

Essential Retail:
~ Sniffany’s Pet Boutique (Curbside & Delivery Sun 10 am-4 pm)

Online and Delivery
~ Emma Downtown (new online store 24/7)
~ Margin Coffee (coffee by the pound, delivery)
~ The Natty Dresser (new online store 24/7)
~ Tin Roof Boutique (online and Facebook orders 24/7)

** Note: the FB link function is working intermittently. Thank you for your understanding.

Many businesses are changing their model as fast as possible. We will be checking with businesses throughout the day and adding more details on ways to continue supporting Downtown businesses. If in doubt, call your favorite business and ask how you can shop with them!
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This wasn't supposed to be posted here, I think I addressed it to "all" on my own FB page (-Jezebel, the erstwhile Webwench) Sorry, all!


Saturday December 21st, 2019 - 11:59 am

Merry holidays and "Aarrr!" to all! ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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Woke up to group being Archived 😢

Seasons Greetin's to ye!

We wish ye a Merry Christmas and a happy New Yarrrr!

Andrea Durkin!

Darren Jenkins

Arrr, back at cha.

Simon Robinson Mark Jeffers

My new favourite pirate song.

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Wednesday September 18th, 2019 - 2:53 pm

Yo Ho! Just in time for #itlapd2019 Cap'n Slappy's pirate bathroom (head) remodel is complete! Welcome to the Poop Deck! ... See MoreSee Less

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Nice work!

Yaar! 'tis a magnificent endeavour worthy of Neptune himself to drop his briny britches and uncork a south bound manatee!

Aye! If ye’ve crossed the doldrums in the Pacific, tomorra’ is today! Arrrrrrr Unless ye be bumpin’ into Cape Horn. Then today be yesterday.

To err is human; to arrr is Pirate!

Avast, matey. What ye be doin' for Halloween?

Arrrrgh! And it’s my birrrrthday as well! Arrrrrgh!!!

Michael Tait

Smarmy Nigel Grimm here. Fine work. Shiver me timbers all you sons of biscuit eaters

So THIS is what all them "new business hours" paid for?

YARR! that be a fine shitter with timbers!

Arrrggg. Me craves that bloody sign. Bettina Helene Dyrendal Rosenlund

'Tis a foine head indeed!

Arrrrr! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Thanks ter Dave Barrrry fer lettin' ye landlubbers know about this all them years ago.

Evan Roszkiewicz! Here’s a page to remind you!

"Bathroom"? What in the name of all that is holy is a "bathroom"? Spoken like a true landlubber. Before ye board my vessel, ye need to know ... it is called a "head". That's okay though, our friendly press gang will help to learn ye! Welcome aboard.

Belinda Kay Morris

Jan Graham, Di Gunson, Felicia Goudie - I'm only following this page because of you three 😂😂😂

Tara Ravenhill Olive Tumelty

Stuart Markus

There’s a Pirate Wedding on the south lawn. Arggggg

bite my new cover for ye pus laden wretches

Yaaarrgh. Tis a poop deck any Pirate worth his parrot would give both his wooden legs for.

Never a bad time for an "Aaarrrggh", Matey!

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Tuesday April 2nd, 2019 - 8:19 pm

Ahoy me darlin's! We've recently gotten notice that if ye switch yer settings on The Facebook from "pirate" to a more mundane language, ye (apparently) can't switch back.

Proceed accordingly.
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There is a way to change it on desktop computers. Here's how: 1. On your dektop PC, navigate to your home page. 2. At the bottom of the third column, locate the language box. 3. Click on the big "+" button (this brings up a dialogue box) 4. (In the pop-up dialogue box): Locate the blue "Translate Facebook" button at the bottom of the pop-up. 5. The pop-up contents will change to show translate options. 6. Select "Facebook Pirate". 7. Say, "Arrr! Me blige rat!"

Arrrrgh. That explains why I spent 20 minutes searching with no results. Facebook needs to walk the plank for this!

I learned this the hard way ... the best part of Facebook was the English (Pirate) setting!

Some scurvy knave what never put a toe in the ocean made that Pee Sea decision!

*(#$*%*#@ But you can switch it to "upside down"? Time to mutiny - or at least swamp them with requests

I'm never switching away from Pirate English on Facebook. The day they disable that translation for good is the day they die in my heart. Is there anybody we can contact in order for it to be available to everybody again?

I spoke pirate all day at Gasparilla this January. I easily switched back to boring ole English. 😏😂

I dont have Pirate on my language settings any more either

You get used to it. I've been in pirate speak for over 8 years..

I haven't been able to switch mine to pirate for a few years....

Aye mateys, life is prickly.

Aw, blast, tis true! But it won't stop th' likes o' me from speaking piratical on that special day! Arrrr!

Glad to see you back in my feed !

i still have "henway" posted as one of my languages. thanks for the info. same on gayle's post.

Aye, I want me sea dog tongue back.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day fell on my birthday one year, so I had a Pirates of the Carribean themed birthday party.

I think we gather the mates, dress in our finest regalia and blast a cannon through the sidewall of their headquarters!

well we should keel haul those scallywags at Facebook

I can’t access the change to pirate language anymore 😖

Just the thought o this has shivered me timbers.

Arrgh! Look at what you’ve done to me, Cap’n!

Ah I was wondering why all my ahhhs kept coming out as ahhhs instead of - of for Christ’s sake autocorrect!!

That's weird, I saw your post and the English(Pirate) option was available for me to pick. It's under English (as a dialect rather than its own language) not Pirate that may trip people up.

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Monday December 25th, 2017 - 2:10 am

And now, to celebrate the holiday, here is "The Night Before Christmas Aboard the Festering Bail, as written by Cap'n Slappy for "The Curacao Caper."

The Festering Boil is the pirate ship commanded by Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket in a series of stories that appeared in their blog. The fifth story, "The Curacao Caper," begins at Christmas, with the crew of the Boil in a low state, having just barely escaped the clutches of their sworn enemy, Lady Fanny, and defeated her plot to take over the world. To lift their spirits, crew member (and shop steward) Cementhands McCormack regales them with his version of the classic holiday poem.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the ship
There was nothing to munch on – not even a chip.
The flagons were empty.
The rum was all gone.
All pirates were sober and would be till dawn.

(The crew moaned on cue – in keeping with tradition.)

With the crew in their hammocks I’d long hit the sack
For the watchmen were watchful, there’d be no attack.
When down on the wharf there arose such a ruckus
That I fell from my bunk on my back and my tuchus.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But Cementhands McCormack and four kegs of beer!

(The crew cheered on cue – in keeping with tradition.)

His nosey was rosey from having been drunk
But a selfish man, never – of us he had thunk.
He’d gambled with locals who weren’t that clever
“Such patsies!” he said, “I could pick them forever.”
Doubloons were still spilling from his big britches pockets.
“They gambled their watches, their bracelets and lockets!”
But then he had thoughts of his mates on the boat.
“What good are my winnings? To whom can I gloat?”
And then he remembered there was naught to drink
And this made him thoughtful – the big man would think.
“Well, it’s Christmas” he thought, “And there’s nothing to do –
Should I blow it on harlots? Nah – BOOZE FOR THE CREW!”

(In keeping with tradition, the crew recites the phrase, “BOOZE FOR THE CREW” with Ol’ Chumbucket followed by traditional raucous cheering)

So the big man bought kegs, he bought bottles, a flagon.
And he piled them up high in a little red wagon
That he dragged cross the cobblestone streets of the town
Some bottles fell off and the flagon fell down
But he grabbed the last bottle, in his pants he did tuck it.
“This one’s for the captain – and his pal, Chumbucket!”
What joy there arose when he finally arrived
For the lack of the drink made the crew feel deprived
Now they toasted and boasted, they guzzled and swilled
Had the wagon been bigger, they would have been killed
By alcohol poisoning – no doubt about it
But it wouldn’t be piratey Christmas without it.
And the big man, he bellowed before he got plastered,

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Patricia A. Holland Denton Holland

Johnny, Russ 😆😆😆

Bron Spencer 😂

Aaaaaarrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, matey's.

M-aaaaarh-y Christmas!

In keeping with tradition - I say well done, matey!

Andrew Dellenbach thought of you immediately my “piratey bastard”. Love ya!

Mad Martini Mack geee argh

Aaaaargh...Merry Christmas Mateys!!!!!

We be hopin' ye be havin' a Merry Christmas, all ye scalawags

Matt Hosking

Ryan, Katy, Gretchen Maaarrrrryy Christmas

Rebecca Adams Trudy Tallaus Colleen Mackie Happy Piratemas

Fleur Oback

Sandy Boswell just for you. Xxx

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Thursday September 21st, 2017 - 7:05 pm

Avast! We got this e-message in a bottle today from Dr. Kathleen Cornely of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Providence College.

"Just wanted to let you guys know that on Tuesday, I informed my biochemistry class that it was “Talk Like a Pirate Day” and that it was related to our class topic for the day! How? We were discussing the protein collagen. Collagen makes up connective tissue in bones, teeth, ligaments, muscle, tendons, etc. An important part of the biosynthetic process of collagen involves an enzyme, prolyl hydroxylase, which doesn’t work unless it has vitamin C! As I am sure that you know, many early pirates suffered from the disease scurvy (which produces weakened collagen, due to the lack of vitamin C)."

You know those wild and crazy biochemists! We want to go to the next faculty party, and that's a fact!
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Comment on Facebook

Denise, here's your cheer up story for today.

Aaaar, those limey dawgz

Take whatever you can, give nothing back! Rrrrrrr!


LOL - tagging Amy

Thanks for showing up at my party!

Avast ye scurvy dog!

Holy shit I thought this page had died...

But if they're emulating pirates, all they have to do is invade the next faculty party and steal their valuables

will Sheldon Cooper be there talking pirate? I'm in.

P-) Arrrrrrrr.


Fiona Simpson

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Sunday September 17th, 2017 - 3:06 pm

Be sure to visit our web site: for all manner of nonsense - and stuff! Yo Ho! ... See MoreSee Less

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Kathy, here is the facebook page mate!

The website is returning an ARRR-or: Resource Limit Is Reached

Thinking of you today Karen Holloway, on this your very own special day AAAARGHHHH

Simon Domán, Jordan Grantham-Yhearm


Ben Matthews Rob Conachie

Lo Humphrey

Almost here!!


Tomorrow is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY 2017!!

From one of the many pirate books people have given us over the years...

Izzy Dennis Louisa Dennis

hey guys ... i followed the link on your youtube page to but couldn't find your book 'lil pirates abcs' there. Searched other book sites too and ebay; no luck.

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Sunday September 17th, 2017 - 2:58 pm

Cap'n Slappy at the Portland (Oregon) ITLAPD 2017 pARRRty! ... See MoreSee Less

Capn Slappy at the Portland (Oregon) ITLAPD 2017 pARRRty!Image attachmentImage attachment

Comment on Facebook

Thar be sum fine mateys wat be a no'in how ta be celibratin' 🍻

Ayyye! Glad to see ya still chrpin' mate.

Cap'n Slappy! You look great!

Yar-harrrr! Esri mapping mateys have the madness too!

Will we be seein' Cap'n Slappy at his favorite watering hole this year? Calapooia brewing, Albany, Or.?

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Sunday September 17th, 2017 - 2:47 pm

Our mate, Tiger Lee and friends has posted some "How To" videos to help the fledgling pirate achieve full Pirattitude!
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Video image

Comment on Facebook

Being a Texan, when we speak Pirate, it's kind of like - Ahoy Ya'll!


Dorothy Caylor-Griffiths

Michelle Coronado

I changed my facebook language to English - Pirate so it helps a bit, mayhaps?

Cameron Gray

I'm from Devon, UK so luckily I'm a natural pirate speaker 😂

Rachel Pratt

Joshua Storella

Leonhard Reichenbacher Scott Bird


David Khoshpasand

Leia Campbell

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Sunday September 17th, 2017 - 1:14 pm

Two days until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Here's a trio from our video archives that might maybe help ye get in the mood.

I'm a Pirate (The youngster in this video is now a college student! Where does the time go?)

Cap'n Slappy Gives Dating Tips

Me hearties!
... See MoreSee Less

Video image

Comment on Facebook

Toshia Edge, tell Levi!

Gary Clark Gary Roberts Merv Hughes Sam Estall Max Cawley


Brian Little although I'm sure that you are well aware that this is rapidly approaching....arrrr!

Get practising skipper Kevin Geddes !!

Great song fellas and good to see you've included your former young ship's mate this year!

James Horton

I'm aaarrgheady

Dale Crombez TWO DAYS

Hey! Where can I find your ringtones? I got them from old page, but don't see it anywhere on new one. You know "Your phone is ringing".

LOL, the 20th is my girl's birthday!!

Avast there, I be ready to celebrate the great holiday!

Frank Abbo Arrrrrrgghhh Ye ready???!

Kerry we need to cram!

Can not wait. Because is my birth day too.

Stefan Flierman tis weer zo ver

Amanda Salay

My birthday is on September 19th. Love sharing this fun day! And love being woken up by my daughter speaking pirate to me.

Dennis Nielsen

This explains so much...


Chris Murphy 😂🤣

Amy Green Emling

Rasmus Bøg Hansen - Så skal vi øve os.. 😉

Sharon Russell arrrrr ye scurvy dog where's yer buccaneers?

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Thursday September 14th, 2017 - 11:03 am

Well THAT'S disappointing! Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has decided NOT to take part in Talk Like a Pirate Day this year.

No doughnuts! At least, the corporation isn't playing, though individual stores might. But all is not lost.

For the last four years if you dressed like a pirate and walked into a Krispy Kreme on Sept. 19 they gave you – free – a dozen glazed doughnuts.

Not this year. They're not doing the promotion this year.

Are we gonna let those corporate cruller cooks put a hole in our holiday fun! Hell no!

I'm not telling you NOT to deck yerself out in your finest pirate togs on Tuesday and go to your nearby Krispy Kreme. Just remember that they probably won't give you a free dozen doughnuts for your trouble – though we pirates can be fairly persuasive. But I plan to go in anyway – in full regalia, to show them what they're missing. If you do too, you'll get a chance to express your indignation – nay, your outrage! – that they've gone over the side and left us in the lurch!

But wait! All is not completely lost. Our friends at Long John Silvers (at least they still love us) have upped the ante.

This year they are NOT offering a free piece of fish for those who come in dressed like a pirate. Oh no! They're offering a bar of gold!

Not gold gold, of course. Don't be silly. But this Sept. 19 they're giving away, free, their new Deep Fried Twinkie!

That's sort of like a bar of gold, if you turn your head a little and squint your eyes.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Wow, and I was just about to write a blog post telling everyone to go to Krispy Kreme! I'm glad Long John's is still in, but I'd rather have fish than a Twinkie. 🙂

KK in Australia is still on board. Though they've cut the booty down to only 4 doughnuts this year. :/

ARRRRR! Happy Talk loike a Poirate day, shipmates! Today I be goin' to St Ives, which is near Penzaaance, but this yur bein Cornwall, we do all talk loike Pirates every day, see, so every day is TLAP day! Yay! (Pass me parrot, matie!)

I was seriously disappointed to hear this considering I would actually be near a krispy kreme for the first time this rolled around. But I will still go in full regalia to krispy kreme, my doctors appointments, and the like!

Shiver me timbers...I'll skewer those pastry pushing scallawags!

You could dress as a pirate and buy a different snack so krispy kreme wonder why they didnt earn as many gold coins as the previous tlap day

You can still go to Krispy Kreme and scarf down a dozen glazed doughnuts. You know what you get? Diabetes. Argh, you get diabetes.

Even sadder, they are a far cry from the fluffy, cloud-like confection they once were. I was very excited to spot a store then even more disappointed to discover the doughnuts were little, greasy things that were not a shadow of their former selves. Never did see a company destroy itself on success like KK!

Krispy Kreme is nasty anyway. Nothing of value was lost.

Arrrr what self respecting pirate eats Krispy Creme donuts? They should be scoffing Cornish Pasties and quaffing cider by the gallon. AHARRRR! (Penzance is just down the road...)

... i got free donuts the last two yrs from krispy kremes 😢... i don't think this long john thing is even here in australia 😂

Arrr, scurvy bilge rats they be! But all the Krispy Kremes in our cove shipped out yearns ago- so we not be worried. Not doin' enough business they were.

Arr well, so Long John Silver finally remembers what their namesake did for a living!

Probably just too many of us now.

Caroleann Santa-Moletz Need to boycott Krispy Kreme matey!

Avast, be there any mates wit mates at Dunkin? Opportunity be knockin for a replacement to sail in!

Only tried them once think ive enjoyed better èvery where else

Blast ye skallywags! No pirate cultural appropriation day? We are duly offended!

Krispy Kreme Australia is giving free donuts! 😍😍

Storm corporate headquarters and make them walk the plank out the boardroom window! AAArrrgggghhh!!!!

Yes, VERY disappointed with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, but I already told them a while ago when I heard, that they were making a BIG mistake as every year TLAPD gets bigger and bigger. They mentioned TLAPD on the local Washington DC news today already. The really cute pics Krispy Kreme used to post afterwards were gRRRReat PRRRRRRR too! Their loss!! Going to Mutiny Pirate Bar & Island Grille tonight for their TLAPD celebration and dinner. One of the best pirate and tiki bars around and the food lives up to the drinks!!! 😍☠️⚔️🏝️🍵🍹❤️ More pirates than you can shake a cudgel at here in Penzance, me hearties! The town keeps trying to break the record for 'Most pirates gathered in one place' but missed out this year by not very many.

We can just go to Arrrrrby's instead!

Krispy Kreme is probably aware of the huge problem of seafaring criminal cultural appropriation. Talking like a pirate demeans the pirate culture. Arrrrrrrrr, that was me parrot talkin ta Siri.

So what kind of candy-ass pirates are you? You want donuts? Plunder Krispy Kreme. But, Tim Horton's has better plunder.

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Thursday April 6th, 2017 - 9:45 am

This morning, I'll dance all over the deck of The Festering Boil like Belle in "Beauty and the Beast," singing about what dopes I work with.

-Cap'n Slappy
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Speaking as one of your dopey co-workers, I look forward to your capering. - Ol' Chumbucket

Do you have a magic singing chamber pot? And what's its outlook on life?

Just like to say cap'n slappy what a great find and tonic you are to the start of the day ! Being someone who often talks like a pirate for no apparent reason , other than because I can. My boyf asked if I knew of ITLAPD when we were in full swing of talking like a pirate. "You're kidding me " I said "I'm gonna google it". Well ! shiver me timbers you do exist. Well done and keep up the good work ⚓️

The Pirate Party HA!

And your co-workers will be doing exactly the same.

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