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9740 Adamo Drive, Tampa, FL 33619, United States
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The Krewe of the Black Pearl is a Gasparilla Pirate Festival Pirate Krewe based upon the infamous Pirate Ship the Black Pearl of Pirates of the Caribbean Fame. 

The Krewe of the Black Pearl is a Not for Profit Organization that participates in parades and other local events in the Tampa Bay Area.  

Black Pearl will be sailing forth on The Pearl in four parades in the 2017 Season:


  • The Gasparilla Children’s Parade (Sat. Jan 23rd 2016)
  • The Gasparilla Parade of Pirates (Sat. Jan 30th 2016)
  • The Knights of Sant’ Yago Illuminated Knight Parade (Sat. Feb 13th 2016)
  • The Rough Riders St. Patrick’s Day Parade (Sat. Mar 12th 2016).
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Saturday January 25th, 2020 - 5:00 am

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I have got to join this krewe! 😆

Saturday January 25th, 2020 - 4:45 am

Ahoy Mateys,, Lady Cathetine Here ,, lets tremember,, ... See MoreSee Less

Ahoy Mateys,, Lady Cathetine Here ,, lets tremember,,

Thursday January 23rd, 2020 - 11:05 pm

Hello again members and stowaways! Gay/PINK sent an email today (Thursday) at 2:30 PM regarding official last-minute reminders for the Gasparilla Parade on Saturday.

If you did NOT receive this email, please contact Gay ASAP.
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Wednesday January 22nd, 2020 - 4:24 pm

Mark Old and Laurie Hostmeyer - welcome to KOTBP ... See MoreSee Less

Monday January 20th, 2020 - 9:19 pm


Well Ahoy ther me Hearties!! AAAARRRGGGHH ye ready???!! Stand fast, n prepare t'plunder & pillage along Bayshore this Saturday!!! HUZZAH! Here is the lowdown – there is a LOT of information herein; please read all and ask questions if anything needs to be clarified or further explained.

1> Congratulations to this seasons King and Queen of The Black Pearl!! MIKE & RENEE CAPUISO!!!... Whoo! Hoo!

2> A HUGE thank you to Joseph Capuiso (Our Security Chief) and his valiant band of Security Warriors for keeping us safe on last Saturday’s Kids Parade. They have a very important job to do. So whatever they say/tell us to do....DO SO!! Their word is gospel!! They say "Jump!" .... We say "How High??" They, in turn, have to answer to the Parade Marshals.

3> When walking the Parade, watch out for beads underfoot! They are very SLIPPERY, like ball bearings on ice! And..yes... Yours Truly HAS gone "base over apex" before! Also KEEP UP with the float. It is hard to catch up if you get behind, and we don’t want to lose anyone.

4> No bead throwing before Bay to Bay. Listen out for "Harry The Mouth" our FABULOUS DJ, telling you when to start/stop throwing beads. Do NOT throw to boats or off the Platt St Bridge...

5> Keep an eye out, and listen when Harry announces our "Fans" ...Spectators holding Black Pearl, KOBP, KBP, KOTBP etc signs and BOMBARD them with beads. And please throw underhand....we don't want to knock out spectators...or each other!!!

6> This is a LONG Parade...pace yourselves. Alcohol is please drink responsibly, add plenty of water and make sure you EAT!!! (We are having great Latin food for lunch). Thank you Kimberly! Sunscreen is always a good idea, so apply before leaving home and ask if you forgot – there is some stored on the float.

7> MEMBERS!!! YOU aarrgghh 100% responsible for your Stowaways, and for returning their KOBP Patches AND Pins to GAY at the end of the parade. Members will be charged for any M.I.A. Stowaway Patches ($20 each) or Pins ($15 each). Expensive…YES...on purpose!! We need the darn things back!!

8> STOWAWAYS!!!... At the end of the Parade...Give your KOBP Patches and Pins to "your Sponsor"...They will not like it (or you!) if they have to pay for your patches n pins!!

9> Day Parade Bead Drop.... This Friday, January 24th at Home Port...Rivard Buick GMC, 9970 Currie Davis Drive, Tampa Fl 33619 from 5-7 PM. This is also final Parade wristband pick up and "Boarding Pass" (Bar/food wristband) pick up. You will not be allowed in Staging without these bands.

10> Beads must be in bead bags, CLEARLY labeled with your Name AND WHICH Parade. We do still have some spare bead bags $1.00 each, available at bead drop. We will also have Krewe Beads, Bling Pins, Stickers and other "goodies" for sale at this bead drop, and again, the amazing GWEN will be there with her jewelery...she brings different things each time.

11> We are # 82 in the line up. Parking and shuttle information is provided in the official email from Gay. If you miss the shuttles (or if you get to the Pearl on your own) you will need to arrange your own transportation. Right now it looks like the Pearl will be staged on Bayshore at West Lawn Avenue. If this changes, we will post on the FB page either late Friday night or Saturday morning.

12> Lunch at noon, Krewe Photo 1:30, and Parade kicks off at 2 pm. As we are halfway through the lineup, we will probably not “move” at least until 2:30 or 3:00 pm.

13> Disbanding is on Cass, right where we are parking. Again, we will need to disband quickly, remember to take your personal items from the Pearl, as well as your bead bags if you are not coming to Clean the Float on Sunday. The ONLY place that is on Cass to "wind down," have a drink, nibbles, etc. after the Parade, is at Hooch n Hive, right down from our parking on the same side. If anyone has a different afterparty idea/location, please spread the word.

14> Sunday morning the 26th -- Float Clean up at Home Port. 11am until 12 or 12:30. You can collect any beads, cell phones, car keys, spouses, etc. that were left on The Pearl from Saturday and help get the Pearl ready for her next voyage (the Knight Parade). After cleanup we are lunching at Cherry’s (Faulkenburg Road and Route 60, behind Hooters). Approximately 12:30 onward.

Events will be posted on the Facebook page as reminders. However, parking and shuttle information is strictly KOTBP only, and will NOT be posted on FB - - see Gay’s email for those details.

As always, contact Gay directly with anyquestions/concerns etc. Her phone number is in her email.
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Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals added 193 new photos — with Sharon Hartsock and 2 others at Gasparilla ChIldrens Parade Bayshore Blvd.
Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals

Monday January 20th, 2020 - 6:22 pm

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The pics are amazing Bill. Thank you!!!

Wow Bill... Just wow! You know I'm a fan, Sir William ! 😉😂

Thursday January 16th, 2020 - 7:21 pm

REMINDER: Tomorrow night is bead drop at the dealership. Gwen is bringing her jewelry (with men's items!) and Scarlet Rose will also be on hand with her hats (some custom work being delivered, I'm told). ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday January 15th, 2020 - 11:00 am


First, a huge thank you to all who came to our Open House/ Meeting/ Bead drop/ Swab th Decks last Sunday! A GREAT turn out, with FABULOUS Vendors, Sponsors, Press. Food and of course YOU!!!


This Friday Jan 17th is final bead drop for this Parade...5-7 pm @ Home Port. Rivard Buick GMC Dealership...9970 Currie Davis Drive, Tampa Fl 33619.... The road that goes past the main dealership entrance off Adamo Drive.

This is also your LAST CHANCE to pick up your wristbands for The Kids parade!!.. No one is allowed in staging without a Parade Wristband!!! If you cannot make it,: Please arrange for a member to collect yours!!.

Beads IN BAGS ONLY!!! We do have some extras for sale $1.00 each. Bags CLEARLY labelled with Name AND which Parade. (We have duck tape and markers at bead drop)

We are # 26 in this Parade . Fairly close to the front. Kick off time is 3/3:30... Krewe Photo around 2 pm.

We have Parking and our "After Party" at Zudars..201 W. Platt St, Tampa Fl 33606... For parking information, see official email from Gay that was sent out yesterday. ***IF YOU DID NOT GET YOUR EMAIL, CONTACT GAY immediately!

We have our shuttles to take us to staging. The drivers work for free!! So we suggest a minimum "donation" of $5.00 per person!! First shuttle will leave Zudars between 10--10:30 am!! The last shuttle is at 1pm!!

Just spoke to Eric..manager of Zudars!! He asked me to remind everyone..that For Kids Parade, Sat 18th..ZUDARS WILL be open for breakfast from around 8 am!! They have a very nice menu. So if you come early...get a bite to eat, coffee, tea etc. and wait for our Shuttles. Yes I WILL be having breakky!! LOL

The Parade disbands by the Davis Island Bridge...a short walk back to Zudars to rest & recover!! LOL

Reminder that NO children are allowed on the Front Top Deck!!!.. That "ladder" is too dangerous!!

Adults MUST stay with your kids AT ALL TIMES!!

Beads must be thrown UNDERHAND ONLY. .. There are no more "bead hooks" on the outside of The Pearl!! We now have "a rail" that you may hook a 6--8 inch BLACK caribiner to and hang your beads from the caribiner.

Beads may NOT BE THROWN until we cross the intersection at Bayshore and Bay to Bay!! And from our Tampa Mauyor's office, please do not throw beads into the water or to boaters.

Reminder ADULTS...this is a DRY PARADE!! We will have ample water, sodas etc. We will have food at approx 1/1:30 ish.

PLEASE listen closely for announcements from our wonderful " Harry The Mouth" DJ... And also listen to our Security Guards...whatever they tell you...DO SO!!

Keep an eye out during The Parade for spectators holding signs that say "Black Pearl", "KOBP" etc...They are our "fans"...BOMBARD them with beads!!

PLEASE clean up after yourselves and kids!! The will be plenty of trash bags on board The Pearl. Also in Staging and on the parade route there are designated trash bins... USE THEM!!

Take your personal belongings off The Pearl at the end. If you leave anything on board; you may pick it up the next day Sunday 19th at Float Clean Up, HomePort, 11 am till around noonish.

Of course, feel free to get hold of me if you have any questions/concerns etc! 813-770-8654 (before 8 pm), call, text, email, FB message, smoke signals , carrier pigeon etc LOL

Here's to a GREAT 2020 Season on board The Black Pearl!
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Wednesday January 15th, 2020 - 5:57 am

81 Bay Brewing Company
4465 West Gandy Blvd

The fine folks at 81 Bay Brewing Company have graciously extended an invitation to The Krewe of Girls N Pearls to park in their lot and Uber to the float...and they have plenty of space for other krewes to do the same!

Doors open at noon and they will have food/food trucks & drinks.

It is a family friendly environment and all are welcome! 😀

GNP will be here for all pre/post parade socializing.

Please join us!

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
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Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals added 25 new photos — at Rivard Buick GMC Tampa Florida.
Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals

Monday January 13th, 2020 - 9:09 pm

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We really appreciate you all. Sorry we couldn't make it Matt's working in Destin for a month so I'm stuck with the rug rats by myself. I'm in need of some serious rum...or vodka...or anything! 🤣

Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals shared a post.
Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals

Saturday January 11th, 2020 - 7:44 pm

Renee takes items for consignment, and she has feathers, leathers, and OMG the hats!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals shared a post.
Krewe of the Black Pearl Ship's Signals

Friday January 10th, 2020 - 6:27 am

AhoFor those that can go and representWell I went to the Farm this Morning as I had run out of a few things, but it was good & Bad... It's out of season for most produce, or California Cold spell ruined the crops..
Iceberg Lettuce went up to $33 a Case (24 heads) - I didn't get any.. Florida Tomatoes (Due to this Cold Weather) Went up $7.00 a case... Squash & Zucchini are in Short Supply - So expect to see the price go up... Romaine Lettuce actually came Down ( There's an abundance - because of the E-coli scare and everyone quit buying it)... but I did get a Good deal on Washington Granny Smith Apples & Hass Avocados..

Just an FYI: The Barn here will be Closed on Saturday the 11th... but fear not I'm going on the Road and you can still get you veggies from Thompson's Produce at the Pirates Thieves Market down on Coquino Beach on Anna Maria Island... A Flea Market only Pirate Style... So Stop in and get the "Best Tomatoes" in Manatee.. See Ya all Saturday..
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AhoFor those that can go and represent

Tuesday December 31st, 2019 - 4:10 pm

Have a happy, safe New Year’s Eve

January Events


Saturday January 4 - From: 5:45 PM To: 11:00 PM
The Krewe of the Knights of Sant’ Yago cordially invites you to the 48th Annual Royal Coronation and Grand Ball on Saturday evening, the 4th of January, two thousand and twenty

Hilton Tampa Downtown

211 N. Tampa Street

Tampa, FL 33602

Doors open at 5:45 PM

No seating after 7:00 PM

Pageant begins 7:15 PM

Black Tie

Coronation Ball Chairman

Michael C. Valdez
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Tuesday December 24th, 2019 - 6:27 am

Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Christmas <3 Per Lady Catherine ... See MoreSee Less

Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Christmas

Wednesday December 18th, 2019 - 11:58 am



All beads MUST be in Bead Bags, CLEARLY LABELED with your Name & WHICH PARADE!! Unlabeled bags will NOT be loaded on The Pearl.!!

Any unused beads can be left on The Pearl & picked up at the Sunday after each Parade at Float clean up, at Homeport noon till 2/3ish. At the end of the Season ( after Bradenton) any beads not picked up will go into our "Krewe Kitty" to be used at our various Charity Events.

Lastly for EVERYONE-----DUES DEADLINES!!!! After speaking with Our Capt'n & Fearless Leader... Full & New Full member payments MUST be completed by Dec 31st!! Or will have to wait till next year!

We DO still have some Stowaway (guest) spots open 1st paid== 1st IN!!! GO TO WEBSITE TO APPLY AND SUBMIT PAYMENT.

Deadline for Stowaways for Kids & Main Day Parades===Dec 31st!!, Knight Parade=Jan 31st, St Pats Parade= Mar 1st,,, Bradenton to be announced later.

For Kids Parade=== Children under 18 go free!! Up to 2 kids per Adult. Adult dues $75 each. Kids MUST ALWAYS stay with Adult. All must do applications & waivers.

Full & New Members PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you are coming to Kids Parade & names of kids!! Got to give Kimberly a "nose count" for Catering ( FOOD)

CONTACT Gay Hartman with questions, comments, suggestions. There is a contact form on the KOTBP website, or message through Facebook, email, or go "old school" and use the PHONE!

HAHAHAHAH Bring on 2020 Parade Season!!!!!!
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Wednesday December 18th, 2019 - 11:54 am

MEMBERS new and returning: Check your email. If you do NOT have the latest email (posted below), contact @Gay Hartman immediately, so we can be sure that official information (sent via email) gets to you before the start of parade season.

That being said, here is the "gist" of the latest official email for NEW or "unseasoned" members/guests/stowaways. Look later for a post directed at ALL members, including returning and new members.

Here we go, for NEWBIES:

Have had lots of questions re:- Terminology, beads most of me "Ol' Seasoned Scallywags" already know this so the 1st part of this "parlay" is for our New Members & Stowaways (guests)....


Homeport = Rivard Buick GMC Dealership 9740 Currie Davis Drive, Tampa , Fl, 33619 ( road that goes behind the main Dealership on Adamo Drive)

Garb= what you wear (it's not a "costume" LOL) Pirate, Gypsy, Renaissance etc.

Bead Drop= where and when you "drop off" your beads to be loaded onto The Pearl.

Bead Bag = Special plastic square bags with top zipper. Can usually get them from where you buy your beads. ( We do have some for sale at our Swab th' Decks/Open House/ Meeting/ 1st Bead Drop on Sunday Jan 12th 2 till 6 pm at Homeport, $1.00 each, Let me know if you need them)

Staging = Where & What time The Pearl ( our float) lines up before each Parade.

OK, so next info---- BEADS! They come in all sorts of sizes, lengths & colors ( That's up to you). Generally when we refer to "A Case" we are talking about "Simple Standard" beads---33" length , 6--7 mm size. Cost around $51---$58 per case...60 dozen (720 necklaces) .. Longer & Bigger cost more & fewer in case.

General recommendation for Simple Standard Beads is:-------- Kids Parade==1 case per person, Main Day Parade==2 cases per person, Knight & St Pats Parade== 1 case per person, Bradenton==2 cases per person.

Beads can be bought from various places.. Buccaneer Beads, South Tampa Trading Company, Pirate Fashions & Online at any of the Mardi Gras suppliers ( always check shipping costs)

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