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 Andrea Jones is author of the award-winning series, the Hook & Jill Saga (Reginetta Press). Hook & Jill is a serious parody of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan story, illuminating the pirate point of view. Intended for adult readers, this first novel in Jones' series questions the premise of Barrie’s original work: is it desirable to remain a child, or is it a greater adventure, after all, to grow up...and, possibly, to become a pirate? Other Oceans: Book Two of the Hook & Jill Saga carries readers to the high seas on Captain Hook's pirate ship. It's a study in loyalty -- what happens when the captain disappears? Other Islands: Book Three of the Hook & Jill Saga casts anchor on the Neverland, where the pirates and Indians interact. It's an examination of the forms of generosity. Jones plans five books in this highly acclaimed saga.


Hook & Jill: Book One of the Hook & Jill Saga: Wendy Darling learns. What appears to be good may prove otherwise, and what seems to be evil…is irresistible.


In this startling new vision of a cultural classic, Wendy intends to live happily ever after with Peter Pan. But Time, like this tale, behaves in a most unsettling way.


As Wendy mothers the Lost Boys in Neverland, they thrive on adventure. She struggles to keep her boys safe from the Island’s many hazards, but she finds a more subtle threat encroaching from an unexpected quarter…The children are growing up, and only Peter knows the punishment.


Yet in the inky edges of the Island, the tales Wendy tells to the Lost Boys come true. Captain Hook is real, and even the Wonderful Boy can’t defend his Wendy against this menace. Hook is a master manipulator, devising vengeance for his maiming. Insidious and seductive, Hook has his reasons for tempting Wendy to grow up.


Revenge is only the first.


Deepening the characters so artfully sketched by J.M. Barrie, Hook & Jill reveals the dark side of innocence at which Barrie hinted in the figure of Peter Pan. It brings alive a daring Wendy who asks questions and seeks truth; it delves into the man, Hook, the iconic villain. Striding from fairy-tale and thrusting into reality, Captain Hook becomes a frightening force indeed.

Other Oceans: Book Two of the Hook & Jill Saga:

Identify the weapon, and use it first. Such is the code of Captain James Hook, in this lyrical sequel to Hook & Jill. And this time, the turmoil begins not with ‘The Boy,’ but with a girl.


Ten days out of Neverbay, Hook and Jill capture a ship’s surgeon, pressing him to join the Roger. But Doctor Hanover is a gentleman, with a daughter to defend. When Red-Handed Jill shows him favor, his heart is taken prisoner, too. Hanover contrives to deliver Jill from the pirate king, and to redeem her to society, as his wife.


But Captain Hook is impossible to escape. Other rivals contend for Jill’s red hand, and Hook fights for supremacy with his skill and brilliance. When the doctor’s daughter draws Hook’s eye, she emulates Jill, using feminine weapons to charm him.


With no word of farewell, Hook vanishes, and Jill is a queen without a king. To hold Hook’s power, she must come to terms with each of the dangerous men in her domain. When a challenger seizes command of the Roger— and over Jill— Hook and Jill’s dominion will be overthrown unless, as Hook has taught Jill to do, she can identify the weapon, and wield it wickedly.


Other Oceans is an unabashed study in loyalty, vibrant with the dynamics of power. From the pen of a masterful crafter, Book Two of the Hook & Jill Saga delivers all the exhilaration that a clash of wills, hearts, and fortune can arouse.

Andrea Jones:

Andrea Jones is the author of the award-winning series, the Hook & Jill Saga (Reginetta Press). Based closely upon J.M. Barrie’s Peter and Wendy, Hook & Jill is a serious parody of the Peter Pan story. Intended for adult readers, the novel questions the premise of Barrie’s original work: is it desirable to remain a child, or is it a greater adventure, after all, to grow up?


Other Oceans: Book Two of the Hook & Jill Saga is a study in loyalty. It takes place upon the high seas on Captain Hook’s pirate ship. Other Islands: Book Three of the Hook & Jill Saga returns to the shores of the Neverland, and the subsequent books in the Saga range abroad to Europe. Within this series, Jones deepens and explores Barrie’s famous and infamous characters. A total of five books are charted for the Hook & Jill Saga.


Jones’ short stories appear in various anthologies, and Jones is the editor of classic restoration projects that include J.M. Barrie’s Peter and Wendy: the Restored Text, and Alexandre Dumas’ Prince of Thieves and Robin Hood the Outlaw (Reginetta Press). Jones’ objective is to preserve beloved manuscripts in their original forms before time and re-telling corrupt the authors’ words.


Graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Andrea Jones studied Oral Interpretation of Literature, with a Literature minor. Her work is informed by a broad range of thinkers and writers, among them Carl Jung, Robert Graves, Patrick O’Brian, and, of course, J.M. Barrie, who created the modern mythology of the Neverland and its endearing, enduring characters.


Andrea Jones is known around the world as Capitana Red-Hand of the international web-based brotherhood, Under the Black Flag. She is also a member of the reenactment troupe, the Brethren of the Great Lakes.



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