Knoxville, TN, United States
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Want to know a little somethin’ about me, do ya? Well hold fast, ’cause it ain’t a pretty tale. I be the bastard son of John Culpeper, Surveyor-General of Charles Towne and one of the rottenest bastards ever to draw breath, as I see it. Dear ol’ Da sailed back for England the day I was born with his tail ‘twixt his legs, leaving me to be raised by me poor mother, a young judy at Pea’s Tavern. While she plied her trade on her back, I was left to me own devices, and I’d often sneak down to hear the musicians who frequented the establishment.

Me dear mother, seein’ me interest in the fine arts, turned trade with a one-legged Irishman, and so it was that I got me very own tin whistle, which I took to quick as a wink. But there wasn’t much of a livin’ to be made at that.

Much to me dear mother’s sorrow, I went to sea as soon as a captain would have me, and was soon rated Able Seaman. No doubt I managed to keep me position more as a result of me musical talent than me skills at the rigging, you can lay by that. In 1718 I was captured by Edward Teach during the siege of Charles Towne and pressed into piracy as a musician aboard his ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Ah, those were some good times…Anyways, Teach, the rotten bastard, marooned most of his crew, yours truly included, on Topsail Inlet during some squabble or another.

The sufferin’ we experienced there was…well…exquisite, you might say. We was rescued in the nick of time by another pirate, Stede Bonnet, who turned out to be a bastard of a different sort, but a bastard nonetheless.

He went and got us all captured by Governor Robert Johnson, who took us in tow back to Charles Towne to stand trial. Though I claimed I was pressed into piracy, some more rotten bastards testified before the Lord that I’d took part willingly in more than one bloody boarding action. Which I had, you can set your watch and warrant on that, but that’s besides me point. I was found guilty and hung off White Point Gardens at Charles Towne in the autumn of 1718, the only good news bein’ that the rotten bastard Bonnet swung as well before it was all said and done.

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Address Knoxville, TN, United States
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