Seattle, WA, United States
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I be Stingray, gentleman Pirate, and as a gentleman I prefer to charm, negotiate, manipulate or intimidate rather than go straight to a fight.

As the illegitimate son of King Orange of Wales I was not to inherit the crown and at a tender age was sold into servitude abroad a Galleon as a cabin boy and it was there I spent my youth, upon the sea learning of the world but when we went ashore it was all about the girls (a trait inherited from Dad along with his taste for the finer things in life) and that was my life till we were taken by a pirate ship (the Redemption) and was allowed to sign on with the crew and that is when my life as a pirate began.

I quickly worked my way up. Unlike many of my brethren, I treat my captives with due respect in that rather than “dispatch” them straight-away, crewman get the chance to join (Pending a vote of the crew) while Captains are given tack, water, a pint of rum and a flintlock with powder and a shot and his empty ship (unless we take a fancy to it), of which I have disabled the ruttier chain thus the name Stingray as that is how I appear while swimming under water to do the dismantling.

My generosity and lineage gave me the moniker Prince of the Pirates.

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Country United States of America
State/Province Washington
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Address Seattle, WA, United States
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