Pirate Swords of 1700 – 1774 ~ Pirates of eBay

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Swords from the Golden Age ~ Both Authentic and Reproduction from the Pirates of eBay

Historical Period 1700 – 1774ebay-logo-600-pirate

Complete ye Pirate Look with a Cutlass or Sword hanging from ye hip from a Frog mates…  Find below many choices that are offered by Pirates of eBay and could make you look less like a Scallywag and more like a conquering pirate!  

For your Piratical adventures we have assembled these offerings from ebay Pirates.  Deal at yer own risk but know that ebay protects the buying Pirate to the very end.  So deal with these merchants with confidence and enjoy the looks you get when you walk through Walmart carrying an BlunderBuss in ye belt – HUZZAH!  

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Pirates of eBay