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The Pirates of Fortune’s Folly have come ashore to steal your hearts! Their piratical antics will both entertain and educate audiences of all ages. Whether as strolling characters interacting an

Pirates of the Silver Realm We are a crew of pirates, privateers and traders that attend many festivals, that include Pirate Faires, Renaissance Faires, and Rendezvous. We are based out of Reno, Nev

The Dread Ship Outrageous Fortune is The Laziest Crew on the Seven Seas™ In any weather, we be lookin’ fer friendly ports o’ call, where we hope ta meet both friend an’ foe face ta

Black powder (cannons, blunderbuss & pistols)

For full details and event schedules please see our website link above. Come and enjoy a unique weekend in “The Best Little Pirate Town in Florida.” September 15 – 17th 2017. The Cedar Key