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We are the scally-wag pirates who roam across the Midwest, called the Fools Gold Pirates, established 2003. We are a 1500 to 1800’s crew, sailing the shores of the Upper Midwest, but have ventured i

For International Talk Like A Pirate Day, attend a Disney Theme Park in your Disneybound or original Pirate wardrobe, and meet with fellow pirates and/or other Disney Deckhands! Use this event to star

LEARN MORE AT JENAIMAREK.COM! “Read up, me hearties! Yo Ho! A wonderful tale of sailing, pirates, and adventure!”~Railean Distillers & Pirate Guild (Book1) Since the very day he was born, Gup

Join us at the 29th Annual Arizona Renaissance Festival Annual Pirate Invasion Weekend… High Seas Adventure! Takes place at the Arizona Renaissance Festival on February 25th & 26th, 2017.
(910) 777-2888

Each year WHET holds an event coinciding with Riverfest called the Invasion of the Pirates. In 2015, we turned things up a notch and changed the name to the Feast of the Pirates in honor of the fe

The 12th Annual Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival will be held October 6-8 2017 on Old San Carlos Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach Florida.  Pub Quest will kick off the event on Friday night, and festiviti

We be a bunch o’ do-gooders helpin’ arr communities an’ havin’ fun doin’ it! Pirates fer hire fer community events, faires, fests, charity benefits, parties an’ mor

Sailors Grave Haunt™ is a Halloween yard display in Snohomish, Washington benefiting Seattle Children’s Hospital. It is inspired by Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride and features a

‘Ello, boils and ghouls. Me name is Captain Jack Scarrow™, but, of course, you already knew that. What you may not know is that I enjoy pillaging, plundering, and scaring the daylights out of

Upon discovery of a rare, antique box, Sarafina uncovers an ancient spyglass that transports her back to the 18th-century where she meets scallywags wearing cutlasses who sail aboard tall ships tha

The Rogues’ Armada has hundreds of Pirate Performer members from all over the world and we are always looking to welcome new members and crews to the Fleet and are growing by the day! We charge

Rebel Aura offers handmade, alternative style jewellery at affordable prices! Pirate jewellery is my best selling line and they are also my favourite items to make. Please drop me a message on my Face

Krewe of Rogue Pirates host an annual pirate event here called Shore Leave. Throughout the year we have hold pirate events such as; pub crawls, parades, reenactments, and visiting the local Renaissan

The Pyrat Brethren Captain Bloody Spike Pierce Enemy to Many ………….. Hero to None

“Drink up me hearties, yo ho! Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! You know this song, parrot? Feel free to join in anytime. Aye, but we’re loved by our mommies and dads. Drink up me he

Our corsets and cinchers feature spiral steel boning for flexible support, and heavy-duty cord lacing. Sizes 4XL through 8XL have extra/double boning for added strength, and many have hand-embroidered