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October 18, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ FAQ,Pirate Nation Dispatches


16295110-skull-with-captain-pirate-hat-and-cross-bones-black-and-white-illustration Pirate Directory Dispatches

This is the first “Dispatch” to the Pirate Directory “Nation”.  If you have received this in your email inbox, it means that you are either already a member of the https://piratedirectory.com website, or you signed up while we were building it from a under construction landing page.  If you are seeing this dispatch on the website itself and would like to get on the email list, you can do that here: Get Dispatches

What is a “Dispatch” ye ask?  

Dispatches in the days of yore were signals or messages sent from ship to ship, or from admiral to commodore and then on to captains of the line …  For our purposes, “Dispatches” are updates that we think you may want to know about.  i.e. Information about how to take advantage of the features of the International Pirate Directory, or possibly just information about an upcoming gathering or pirate festival.  

bartholomew-robertsNarry a worry though mates, if ye get sick of the dispatches ye can always unsubscribe (unlike in the days of yore, when that was called mutiny and carried very severe penalties – arrrgggh)

For now we will just say HUZZAH and thank ye for joining our Dispatches list!  We have been working feverishly to make the Pirate Directory not only LIVE but quite useful for your piratical endeavors.  

The next dispatch will attempt to explain many of the features and whatnot, but for now if ye simply sail on over to the website and read this page, much should be clarified.   PIRATE DIRECTORY FAQ & BEST PRACTICES

Fair Winds…

Captain Scott

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